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30ml / 1oz Black cremation ashes infused tattoo ink.


When you order, we will send you an ashes return kit to place your loved ones ashes in and return back to us to start making your unique tattoo ink.  We only need a tablespoons worth of ashes per bottle ordered.

All our tattoo inks are compliant with the REACH European regulations.

This colored ink can be lined, color packed and shaded with.


The versatility of the tattoo ink comes from the high micro dispersed quality of the sterile tattoo ink.

Even with the high amount of ashes impregnated into the ink, its free flowing and easy to use, made for tattoo artists by tattoo artists.

Homogenized for better ink flow and it keeps its color bright after healing.


Manufactured in clean room conditions, utilizing the highest quality pigments and sterile cremation ashes, suspended in sterile water and ethanol.  Only the best conditions and materials are used in the production of this ink.

Ingredients codes;

Sterile Distilled Aqua


Pigment Black 7

Loved Ones Ashes


All tattoo pigments are vegan friendly.


Weight 1 oz


Black Safety Data Sheet For Tattoo Studio Compliance


All our tattoo inks are compliant with the REACH European regulations, REF;

COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2020/2081 of 14 December 2020
amending Annex XVII to Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) as regards substances in tattoo inks or permanent make-up

Cremation Ink ®
is a Registered UK Company.

Company number 11501627

Registered company office address
88 Hill Village Road, Sutton Coldfield,

Tech Data

Black Technical Data – Ref Heavy Metal Data Sheet


28 reviews for Black Cremation Tattoo Ink

  1. Nigel

    Everything seems to be ok, curious how this will last in time. The ink is bright and a deep shade of black.

  2. Sara B.

    My mom lost her labradoodle last fall and due to covid and restrictions I wasn’t able to visit her as often as I wanted. I bought the black ink since she wanted to refresh an older tattoo and her emotions were out of this world. I facetimed her explaining how it works and she agreed immediately despite not being huge on tattoos.

  3. Gina

    What a wonderful concept! My nana passed away two years ago and I’ve been wanting to tattoo a peony – our favorite flower – but I kept postponing. So glad I went with it! NO matter how sad I am once I take a glimpse of the tattoo I can’t but smile.

  4. Maya

    Amazing quality and excellent service! The guy that did the tattoo thought I was joking at first. I still have mine in cling film but it looks so so good!

  5. John

    I didn’t like the idea of having the ashes manhandled but the guys from CI explained their process and even sent back the remaining ashes as I sent a tad too much. Very happy with their service!

  6. Alberta R.

    Not one for portrait or name tattoos, I have 5 smaller ones that are well hidden. Since I wanted a more personal memento for my father, ideally on my wrist, I thought of using cremation ink. The tattoo artist said the ink was very well mixed.

  7. George

    I’ve used your services to commemorate my partner and just the thought of him being with me every single time makes my days easier to bear. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  8. Emma

    I never thought I would end up tattooing myself but I was left completely broken after my dog died last spring. I wanted to have a small portrait on my ribcage and I’m so happy with how it turned out. As the tattoo healed it was a bit itchy but I read this is the norm.

  9. Samantha

    I was a bit afraid since this was my first tattoo, during a PANDEMIC, using my dad’s ashes but the quality of the ink is excellent.

  10. Logan

    Wonderful work, guys, the package arrived faster than expected, couldn’t be more pleased with the final design!

  11. Luke

    Just unwrapped the tattoo and it looks just like your regular, black ink. Well done!

  12. Ian

    So very pleased, both with the tattoo and the experience itself. PS: thanks for sending back the remaining ashes

  13. Jessica

    After an impromptu midnight googling I found your products. The tattoo looks so fresh, the guy couldn’t believe it wasn’t regular ink.

  14. Olivia J.

    All my tattoos have a story and my last one means the world to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart from giving me at least some kind of closure.

  15. Sydney

    The package arrived later than expected though I guess this could be due to the pandemic. Otherwise I’m very happy with the ink and how it looks on my skin. Hopefully it won’t fade…

  16. Abigail B.

    Thank you CI for making my dream possible. I started researching commemorative tattoos a while back and your team over delivered. The guy from the tattoo place said it was a well-done blend, he even asked for your website.

  17. Alexis Hall

    We wanted to celebrate my dad’s legacy with a nature portrait, he was the outdoorsy, camping and travelling type. My mom was a bit reluctant at first, thought it might end up looking cheap, but the guy went above and beyond after hearing our story. Thanks!

  18. Sofia

    My husband always said we should get a matching tattoo. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to get one and this was my way of following up on that. Tar black ink, blended well.

  19. Harry

    I just added some shading to my sleeves as I had no other tattoo in plan in the near future and it looks spot on.

  20. Owen

    My tattooist was surprised to learn he will be using adn ink, this was a first for him. I wanted an exact replica of the rosemary my dad had on his arm and man, it hits home every time I look at it. Thanks for the quick service!

  21. Jordan

    This was great, the tattoo looks amazing!

  22. Kayla

    I just got home, I couldn’t wait to share my feedback. The quality of the ink is top notch.

  23. Danny

    Brilliant experience, my dad teared up after seeing it, he didn’t think I would find a company that does this so good. The ink is so perfectly mixed that you won’t be able to tell it’s not your regular tattoo ink.

  24. Joshua

    I used the ink from you to refresh an older tattoo that my friend – who passed away after a horrible accident, designed – and now I’m emotional every time I get a glimpse of it in the mirror.

  25. Caroline

    The healing process went as usual, very impressed with your ink.

  26. Patricia

    Friendly company and the ink is excellent, more than enough for my design.

  27. Hailey

    I had a paw print framed already and when I decided to commemorate my sweet Kara I had it duplicated on my wrist. Went for a mix of black and white and it looks so good. Now my daughter thinks of doing the same #foreverkara

  28. Zoe

    I already have tatts for the dogs I lost while I was living alone but they are regular tattoos since they weren’t cremated. The third one is done and now I plan to do the same for all the future souls that will come into our life.

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